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Hughes Sonic Systems provide environmentally friendly and reliable solutions to combat problems of algae blooms, bio-films, bio-fouling, marine fouling, marine encrustation and hard water deposits, using innovative ultrasound technology. Our products are effective in a broad range of applications including: ponds, lakes, reservoirs, boats, ships, fish farms, heating systems and cooling towers. Our Smart Scan ultrasonic technology caters for changes in the operating environment, to ensure that an optimum signal is always output at the desired frequency to maximise the anti-fouling effect.

Our technology offers a fresh approach to fouling prevention supported by unrivaled performance and reliability. We provide an environmentally friendly, greener, safer and more cost effective alternative to using chemicals, for tackling the harmful and unsightly problems of algae, bio-fouling and marine fouling.

Key Markets



Protect decorative and commercial ponds against algae with Ultrasound Technology.


Lakes & Reservoirs

Prevent algae in lakes & reservoirs using Hughes Sonic Systems.



Hughes Sonic Systems prevents algae from growing on boats, yachts and in fish farms.



Find out more on how Hughes Sonic Systems can be used with the various industries.



All you need to know about algae and its damaging effects.


Fish Farms

Hughes Sonic Systems provides a safe alternative to the challenge of algae in fish farms.

Why it is important to deal with Algae problems in these markets

Algae is an aquatic plant that is usually unicellular and contains chlorophyll, but does not have leaves, stems or roots. Water that is stagnant, has a high temperature or where a high concentration of nutrients exists is one of the most vulnerable environments for exponential algae growth.

Algae is known to cause perennial problems in a range of different areas including boats, ponds, lakes, ships, cooling towers and heating systems.

The presence of algae can have a significant negative impact including harm to fish, damage to boats, and damage to the environment, in addition to its unsightly appearance.


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Sonic Systems Provides a Solution to Boiler Water Bacteria

  Do you have problems with legionella? Are you experiencing horrendous maintenance costs for your heating boiler due to calcification?? Those days are finally over thanks to Hughes Sonic Systems! Fortunately, there is no more need to regularly heat up the boiler water to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria such as legionella or e-coli. […]


News, College Campus Closed Down

College Campus Closed Down Due to Algal Bloom In Southern Illinois a college had to close off its campus lake to students and staff to prevent them from being exposed to an outbreak of toxic algae. This report from The Southern Illinoisian describes the problems the Southern Illinois University has had with algae over the […]